vellum | d / sk 2009
slices of a virtual sculpture, dimension 100 x 125 x 80 meters
video artist, sound design: robert seidel
comission: art center nabi, seoul

The perceived interpenetration of skeletal architecture and unrolled landscapes reveal textures of the man-made restructuring of nature. Their different granular perspectives create a fibrous volume of possibilities fusing past, present and future. In their flatness the visible sculptural slices are reminiscent to our accelerated life, shifting into technology and transcending the physical body. The perceived transformation is based on the sculpture wandering through the building seen from a fixed point of view. In vellum motion is form and form is motion...

Premiered at Blurring the Boundaries (Solo Exhibition)
COMO / Nabi Art Center (Seoul, South Korea)
Dimension 56,6 x 1 m; 5,1 x 4,1 m; 35 x 1,2 m; 3 times 1 x 6 m
Organized by Art Center Nabi and SK Telecom
Supported by Goethe-Institute Seoul
Sponsored by W Seoul-Walkerhill
Date 02/20/2009 - 03/31/2009

3 Screen Adaption at ROJO NOVA Exhibition

Dimension 6,8 x 3,8 m; 6,8 x 3,8m; 12 x 6,8m

copyright robert seidel 1996 - eternity

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