Lightmare | d 2001 | 4:30 min

director, producer, animator: robert seidel

music: m. engelhardt

This cinematic world is full of disenchanted, old, drunken, lost or plain ignorant people and the gray building block area multiplies their negative energies. Living in a house, where even the smallest gesture of communication is ignored, you have to try to think and be positive, sometimes in a desperate way … Lightmare tells this little, somewhat naive story about being your own lighthouse …

Curator Sofie Van Loo | GORGE(l) catalogue | Royal Museum of Fine Arts (Antwerp, Belgium) | In Seidel’s animated film Lightmare (2001) whirling, dancing plumes of smoke are lighted with beacons. The film is actually rather funny and discloses where the urge to floodlight these wisps of smoke comes from. By floodlighting them, the artists presents them from a detached perspective – from a „ivory tower“. In his later work, Seidel abandons this detached, contemplative attitude, the work of art as a whole becomes part of whirling dynamic.

Ars Electronica | Cyberarts 2001 catalogue | Perceived with concentration, the microcosm of picture and sound condenses into a small “story of survival”, where familiar acoustic, visual and temporal patterns appear distorted. The oppressive 3D graphics, specially developed typography, and the little optical kinks grow together with the sound organically.

copyright robert seidel 1996 - eternity